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We believe it’s vital to individualise training. No two athletes are the same and that should always be accounted for when scheduling training. We take into account every aspect of life, meaning both subjective and objective data is used to evaluate your current training state.


Metrics such as sleep, nutrition, stress etc. are all factors that will have an impact on training. We monitor these alongside an analysis of your training and from this; form a pattern that will allow us to create the perfect plan for your current mental and physical state. This means we can predict what you need to do to reach your optimum performance.


Whether you are working full time and still wanting to complete your cycling goals, or racing in the pro peloton… everybody experiences external stress that can’t be controlled. With constant communications with your coach, your training will be adapted around your lifestyle to make sure you are always in that optimal training state.

Indivisualise training, because no two athletes are the same

At Cobbled Coaching, we believe that certain aspects of coaching are essential for the coach – athlete relationship to be the most beneficial on your sporting performance. These things include communication, individualisation of training, and trust.

As no two athletes are the same, it is important to trust and get to know your coach so they can tailor your training around your life. This is vital in achieving the perfect stress – training balance and not managing this could be the reason you are struggling to reach your cycling goals.

We have developed a way in which we use the subjective data (how you are feeling, stress at work et) to back up your objective data (training information, resting heart rate etc) and this allows us to build patterns based on your individual behaviour and conclusively predict when you are going to perform at your best. This means, we can plan your training around your personal goals to make sure you are reaching your peak performance at the optimal time.

We pride ourselves on helping athletes both physically – on the bike and in the gym, but also mentally. No athlete will reach their peak performance with a negative mindset, so we work closely with all out athletes to make sure they are happy and healthy throughout the year and always thinking in a positive and beneficial way that will massively aid their performance.

Our qualified and experienced coaches have worked with a variety of athletes. From the pro-peloton, all the way to recreational club-level athletes. We cater for everyone. Whether you are wanting to shred a few kg’s or prepare for your next season that is full of UCI races, we are here to help you be in that top 1%, whenever you need it.

We use advanced scientific software’s to thoroughly analyse your data both on and off the bike and draw up detailed information and feedback that will enable you to have a better understanding towards your cycling performance and help guide you towards achieving all goals. So, if you are ready to step up, you’re training and achieve your cycling goals, then get in touch.

Performance Analysis

In an elite sport where winning and losing can be decided by the smallest of margins, optimising your performance strategy is paramount to success. We’re combining science with our experience to deliver an outstanding service to optimise health and performance. Using our wealth of experience working and racing within elite sport, we can ensure you are fuelling, recovering and optimising performance to support the demands of your training and competition, allowing you to unlock your full athletic potential.

A consultation will include an in-depth analysis of your current lifestyle, nutrition & position/aerodynamic performance. The data gained from here will enable us to outline new strategies for your race day/event plan.

Plans & Pricing

Plan One


This plan is ideal for recreational cyclists looking to add more structure to their training routine or even new athletes looking to explore the possibility of working with a coach. You will receive weekly training plans based on your schedule, needs and goals.

This will include the Cobbled Coaching’s week long testing routine whenever deemed necessary in order to make sure you are always training at your best and getting the feedback you need to make sure you’re always on track.


Ambitious individuals who are in full time or part-time work.

Recreational / competitive

Plan Two


This plan is perfect for racing/competitive cyclists who are looking to get the training edge. It includes weekly training plans, with data analysis and weekly feedback. This is suitable for athletes who are looking to reach specific goals.

This will include the Cobbled Coaching’s week long testing routine every 8 – 12 weeks, in order to make sure you are always training at your best and getting the feedback you need to make sure you’re always on track.


Competitive / Ambitious Athletes

Plan Three


This package is our most professional level performance coaching with daily adaptations and feedback. It includes a bi-monthly performance profiling document valued at £45 each. In addition to in-depth data analysis, unlimited feedback and contact, 25% discount on our performance analysis consultations and much more… This package is aimed at top level and ambitious cyclists looking to achieve their specific goals, whatever they may be.

With 1-1 coaching for both physiological and psychological training, this is everything you will need to become the best bike rider you can be.

Includes Trainingpeaks premium membership.

Discount for 6-12 month plans.


Professional, Semi Professional, International and very ambitious athletes

Performance Profiling


We will send you a one week programme of fitness testing that will need to be completed in order to have the most accurate results. From this, we will do an in-depth analysis and provide you with detailed information that included; updated training zones, fatigue resistance, detailed information regarding your current ability, rider profiling, stamina analysis, power profiling and overall coaches comments and feedback. Has a team asked you to provide power data? This is the perfect document for you.


Suitable for all riders


Contact for more details

Please contact for further details

Up to 30% off the desired package, based on the number of athletes.

Minimum of 5 athletes.


Contact for more details

Discounted Package for individuals who are in full time education

Please contact for more details

Performance Cycles

We have partnered with Performance Cycles – Stay tuned, this is coming soon.

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