Cobbled Coaching started in April 2020 with a unique objective to help riders from an array of backgrounds’. We didn’t want financial hardship to be the reason that a rider couldn’t have access to high quality performance coaching, especially during the global pandemic of COVID-19.

All of our coaches have experienced cycling at a professional level in both the men’s and women’s category on track and road. Meaning they have an insight that only a handful of coaches have; about what it really takes to race and perform at the top level. In addition to this, our coaches work with a sense of empathy and a priority towards maintaining both physical and mental wellbeing.

Before we launched ‘Cobbled Coaching’, we spent a lot of time brainstorming the attributes that we consider to be a vital part of a successful coach and then made these things are core values and something we would provide to all of our riders at no additional cost. This ensures both us and you that we are continuously providing a high-quality service.

Mental and physical well-being is something we take very seriously and plan our training sessions around the events in your life, including work, school, and last-minute stressful situations. This is something we have learnt during our own professional careers: negative stress causes a declination in performance… hence the saying ‘happy head, is happy legs’.

We work with a variety of cyclists on a world-wide scale. You could be a competitive café rider, or a world class performer… Just know, we will provide the same professional service to everybody no matter what level, gender, or background you are from. Our aim is to help as many riders as possible, and whatever your goal is… it will be our goal to help you achieve it.

Every rider we have worked with has seen drastic improvements within the first 6 weeks. We can confidently say this, as we do regular fitness testing and use a specific software that enables us to measure improvements, as well as pinpoint and target areas that might need some work. All this contributes to an overall increase in performance! So, what are you waiting for? If you are ready to surprise all your cycling obsessed friends on your local Sunday club run with your increased speed, stamina and motivation… or ready to tackle the 20km breakaway that you have been too afraid to do at your next race… what are you waiting for? Get in touch now!