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October 14, 2020

Fridays Q&A will be with Natalie Grinczer, a rider who has raced at a professional level in a variety of different teams but her current being Cams - Tifosi. She talks alot about her experiences and provides some amazing advice for up and coming cyclists. We think she is definitely a good role model to have. Stay tuned.


October, 7th 2020

Friday's Q&A will be with our friend Lenny. He races in Belgium for Tartelletto-Isorex as a half-time professional. In Belgium, he is known for doing challenging and long rides but in this interview he discusses the challenges he has faced in his career as-well as the new 'norm' of riders going from juniors to the world tour ranks.


September, 30th 2020

Friday's Q&A will be with our good friend Laura, who has been in and out of the professional cycling scene for many years. Originally coming from Finland, she has raced all over the world. Laura has recently started working full time whilst still having great success in the races, and she is going to share her story about how she does it with us!


September 28th, 2020

During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have come up with an idea that will hopefully increases people's motivation, whilst also educating and informing you about specific things in the cycling world that might have gone unnoticed before.

We will post a weekly Q&A, every Friday at 6PM (BST) with a variety of different people from an array of backgrounds. This will include both men and women professional cyclists, people who work in the cycling industry, ex professionals, influencers, and anybody who has a story or issue that they may want to talk about.

What’s the point? What makes this different to every other interview?

Well, we have certain aims and objectives we target with every person we talk to. Every interview will be specific to that person… their journey, their experiences, and any issues they feel like they can or want to discuss.

Our Aims:

EDUCATE: We would like to talk to individuals who have experienced certain issues, problems, or concerns within cycling. This could be an array of matters such as the truth behind making it to the ‘top level’, barriers to participation in higher level events, inequality, financial problems, as well as provide a realisation to athlete hardship.

In addition to this, provide an outlet for certain people. This may include:

  • Smaller level semi/professional cyclists to become role-models to aspiring professionals and the everyday cyclist. To have the opportunity to tell their story in depth (which they may not have had the chance to before) and in-turn increasing their media coverage.

  • Managers, DS’s and mentors to provide advice on matters such as how to approach teams, what is expected of a rider at each level (continental, pro continental, world tour) and/or any other general advice.

  • Ex riders or people who used//currently work in the cycling industry to talk about their experiences; both good and bad.

  • Current male and female professional riders who are able to talk about what their life is like, and their experiences.

  • Influences who can talk about the pro’s and con’s of social media as well as provide guidance on how to capitalise on it. This is an opportunity to also help educate and guide riders in how to approach sponsors and have a successful working relationship that will benefit both rider and company.

INSPIRE: Help cyclists by providing a variety of new role models and people who they might not have necessarily heard of YET but are still competing at the top level and have unique and inspiring stories that provide a different and encouraging story. This could include riders from continental teams or domestiques who are still ‘learning the trade’. These people can highlight relatable but specific issues within cycling that can be talked about with individuals who have experienced it first-hand.

MOTIVATE: During these times of the COVID-19 pandemic we feel that a small bit of inspiration could go a long way. Something as simple and easy as reading an individual’s story about the issues, and problems they have overcome can be that little bit of extra motivation they needed to put some kit on and go out for a ride.

I can’t wait! How can I read them?

They will be posted on our blog every Friday. If you subscribe to the website, you will get a notification whenever we have a new post. If you or anybody you know has something that think would make a good discussion or really want to hear about a certain topic or from a certain individual…  then please email us at or send us a DM on Facebook!


June 20, 2020

I have been with Cobbled Coaching for roughly 12 weeks and it gets better each week.  Louis does a phenomenal job at understanding my strengths and weaknesses and really sets up a great plan to facilitate growth in all areas.  
I have seen significant gains in all areas of my training and am excited to one day put this training to use during some racing!  What sets Cobbled Coaching apart from others is the analysis of numbers and communication between the coach and athlete.  Louis has done an amazing job at communicating with me where I have started, where I am currently at, and where I should be at.  He has walked me through a spreadsheet containing all the information that is important for me to understand to get a clearer picture of the trajectory we are aiming for!  
Cobble Coaching is simply amazing!