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Cobbled Coaching: Let's get started

You have seen what we can offer and you're interested... so what next?

Well first of all, we need the initial contact. This can be done via email ( From there, we will send you our personal questionnaire, this includes questions such as your availability, what you think your strengths and weaknesses are and what equipment you have available to you. In total, we have about 14 questions that we would like you to answer. This just helps us to get to know you better, write a few notes and some feedback for you straight away. We ask about your availability because we know how difficult it can be to fit training into day-to-day life, so we make our plans specific to your schedule to minimise stress as much as possible.

If we are both happy with each other then we will proceed with the coaching arrangement. You will be set up as an athlete on our TrainingPeaks account, we will sort out the invoices and finally invite you into a WhatsApp group with 2 coaches. We like to have more than one coach available to you so that you have more chance of getting a quicker reply and have different explanations of certain aspects of training.

You will then have your first week of training via TrainingPeaks. This is a very important week for both us and you, it can really show your motivation, fitness and commitment level whilst getting an understanding of how we work. It is important to us that after every ride you send us 'post-activity comments' so we are really able to see how the session went for you. We also request that you will fill out your metrics on a daily basis, this includes things such as resting heart rate and weight... this helps us monitor things such as fatigue, sickness or injury.

After 2 weeks of training, we have our first milestone. Testing week. We do specifically 4 tests, normally over 5 days with one recovery day. This includes a 20 min test (FTP), 5 min test (VO2 Max), 1 min (anaerobic) and sprint (max power). We will thoroughly analyse all this data and give you very in depth feedback. We are able to do this using a combination of TrainingPeaks and a computer software called WKO5. It enables us to pinpoint exactly where certain things in your training happen. For example, you may have a very good max power, but it may take you 5 seconds to get to that power, is that where you are losing the race? We can help.

We also look at power-to-weight ratio and power curves compared to your age, gender and goals and can tell you where the problems are and what specific exercises will be incorporated into your training plan to improve these certain aspects.

After the dreaded week of testing is done we will then be able to work out the next weeks aims and goals. We will decide whether re-testing will have to be done again in 4 weeks or 8 weeks. This will depend on your fitness levels on your first test.

If you have just come back from a break of cycling and your condition is bad, it is likely we will ask you to test again after a block of endurance training. This is because your fitness levels will improve quickly from the adaptation and consistency of training and we want to keep the training zones correct so that you can always maximise training. Whereas if you were already on a good level from the first tests, you will not improve significantly enough to test again in 4 weeks and have a huge difference, instead we will re-test in 8 weeks time.

After all this has been decided and talked about between athlete and coach, we will then set your training plan about 7 days at a time. This, of course, can be adapted. We are well aware that sometimes life gets in the way, or you are not recovering enough. We ask you every week to put down what your plans are for the coming week. For example, if you have work from 9 - 5, an exam or a birthday party on Friday night. This is very important so that not only we can see your availability, but also see if there is a reason your extra stressed, or not feeling good etc... We aim to always provide you with a reason for why you aren't feeling your best.

After one month of training with us, we will send out another questionnaire with some more questions about how you think you are doing, how the training is for you and if you have any specific requests or things you need help with in the coming weeks. This is for us to confidently know we are doing our best to make you your best and to keep you happy at all time. It is important to us to have the best athlete-coach relationship as possible!

In addition to on-bike training, we will also be setting you a core and conditioning and/or stretching programme to do approximately 3-4 times a week. We can't emphasise enough on how important this is.

With our help and your hard work, determination and full commitment, we could confidently say that we could make you your best self. If your goal is to win races, we can help with that... If your goal is to get fit for your local club run (smash-fest), we can also help with that.

Between the whole team at Cobbled Coaching, we have a vast experience. From track, road and time trial, to helping with interviews and victory salutes, to sports science, to just general help in day to day life. We have got you covered.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. This can be done via email, or Facebook/Instagram direct message-

Post from: April 24th 2020

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