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Cobbled Coaching: Mindset #001

I am here to share some food for thought with you... A piece of training advice that this winter I thought about almost everyday. I talked about with all my training partners... to the point where they were probably getting quite annoyed at me for hearing me say it all the time.

Self talk. It is well known that athletes heavily use this method to stay in the right head space. Praising yourself for each successful effort, race or ride rather than focusing on the negatives. But what I am going to talk about is a little bit different and I want you to try it out.

Every time you do something that will affect your goals, you have to ask yourself 'is my future self going to appreciate this?' If the answer is yes, then its probably a good behaviour to incorporate into your daily schedule, if the answer is no then you should probably give it a pass.

We all know about mindfulness and how it is important to focus on the here and now, but how many times have you opened a packet of biscuits and suddenly without even realising it... half the packet is gone? But if you ask yourself if your future self will appreciate this behaviour, you are now aware of what you are doing and it isn't just an automatic response.

Here are some examples: I want you to ask yourself if you are doing yourself a favour or not.

  1. Going to the gym after a hard day on the bike

  2. Eating the chocolate bar

  3. Staying up on Instagram until early hours of the morning

  4. Not stretching after a ride

  5. Doing your core stability training everyday

You can also think about other things, such as when you are lying in bed in the evenings watching Netflix - doing nothing productive, could you be maximising your recovery even more? It is another question that you should be constantly asking yourself.

So... do your future self a favour... work hard today, and be thankful tomorrow.

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