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Cobbled Coaching: Our 6 month update


We have had some enquiries about our lockdown deals of £60 (+ equivalent) per month that were meant to end on the 14th of August.

We made this deal for a variety of different reasons but there are two specific points that we would like to share:

1) Although we have coaching qualifications, we still wanted to get experience working one on one with riders (from all over the world) and prioritising our core values (such as unlimited communication) and seeing if we were able to deliver them.

2) As the lockdown deal says, it was put in place due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 situation. People were losing jobs, getting pay cuts, but others suddenly had all this extra time to dedicate to cycling. We wanted to make sure our prices were as low as possible in order to help people to ‘be their best self’ for a fraction of the cost of the usual coaching company (whilst still having high standards about what we deliver and stand for) and in turn making it more accessible to a wider array of people.

COVID-19 is still a massive problem and causing issues with training and racing on a worldwide scale. We have riders in Australia who are able to almost do a full racing calendar, riders in America who have certain restrictions with racing, and riders in the UK who can’t even leave their town. Due to this... WE WILL BE EXTENDING THE ‘LOCKDOWN DEAL’ of £60p/m until at least the new year. After this, we will then re-evaluate and let everybody know ~ the riders who are working with us prior to the new year (or decided date) will have at least 3 months extra of this deal before any price increases so there will be no surprises. Saying that, any price increase won’t be that significant as we still aim to be accessible to everyone.

We started Cobbled Coaching with core values of prioritising the rider above anything else. Taking into account their physical and mental well-being everyday. We said we would have full communication, weekly training plans, in-depth analysis, regular testing, and daily adaptations. We promised a lot, and we have delivered. We have been coaching riders for almost 6 months (time flies, I know) and they are all happy, healthy and showing constant improvements. We check in with them almost everyday to make sure everything is going good and if there are any problems we will work around it as best as possible. This has been our number one goal from day one so we are happy we continue to achieve it everyday!

We have exciting news for the 2020 season so stay tuned and as always if you have any coaching enquires you can send us a DM, email us at or book in for a consultation and we will organise a video call.

Stay healthy, stay safe and aim everyday to improve! 💛

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